Industrial Furnaces

Equipment for processes requiring temperatures above 1000F (538C). Casso-Solar specializes in furnaces for the glass industry.

Industrial Furnaces used for Industrial Manufacturing Processes and OEMs

Our industrial furnaces are extremely well insulated to ensure that our customers can achieve the high temperatures they require for their processing needs, without excessive heat loss to the surrounding environment.

Architectural Glass Bending Furnace

Ink Firing Furnace

Equipment for Firing and Curing Inks. Dryers combined with rolling hearth furnaces can fire decorative or conductive coatings into the glass. The glass is then annealed or partially heat strengthened, for further processing.

Aerospace Glass Bending Furnace

Aircraft/Aerospace Glass Bending Furnace

Ballistic Glass Bending Furnace

A Shuttle System with a Moveable Floor used for Slumping, Casting or Bending is pictured in the production hall of Casso Solars facility.

Casting Furnace

Casso-Solar Technologies glass slumping and casting systems move the system floor within close proximity to the multi-zoned heater bank.

Automotive Glass Bending Furnaces

Casso-Solar Technologies Multi-zone Graphical User Computer Control for complex shapes with localized programmable 3-Axis Crease Heaters that follow the glass as it bends in the tight radius areas.

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