Custom Infrared Furnace

Custom Infrared Furnace

Most of our “standard” furnace offerings are geared towards the glass industry, but infrared heating can be used in many other furnace applications as well.  

Often customers require a unique furnace that is suited to heating their product to elevated temperatures in batches, which almost always necessitates a custom design fit to the particular product.  Infrared heating is perfectly suited to these processes because the furnaces can be shaped and zoned to provide heat precisely where it is needed.  And Casso-Solar is well equipped to custom design a furnace molded to our customers’ application.

The majority of furnace applications are batch-based, but by utilizing high-temperature belt or roller materials we can also provide continuous processing equipment when applicable.  Contact Casso-Solar today and talk with the Application Sales team about how we can help with your custom requirements.

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