Replace Existing Hardware with Custom Infrared Heater Replacements

Our custom-built infrared heaters are tailored for any existing setup, offering high-quality, American-made replacements with competitive lead times and potential performance enhancements.

Replacement Heaters

Every one of our infrared heaters is custom-built to suit a particular customer’s requirements. This allows us to design and create replacement infrared heaters for just about any existing heater that may currently be in use in your equipment. By providing us with information on the specifications and use of your current heaters we can offer high quality replacements that are 100% American made with lead times as good or better than the competition.  

In addition, our Applications and Engineering team can make suggestions or design improvements as needed to improve the performance compared to the existing units. Reach out to our Sales team today to get a hassle-free, no obligations quotation on a replacement heater.

Get a Custom Infrared Solution for Your Application

With six decades of infrared technology expertise, Casso-Solar is ready to address your project needs. Reach out to our specialists today.