Web Heating and Drying

Heat Treatment Equipment for Web Heating and Drying Processes

In numerous industries product is conveyed in the form of thin “webs” of material running at high speeds through various processes. Many of these processes require moisture to be removed from the material, or a coating to be dried on the product. In other processes, these webs must be heated to a set temperature before undergoing some further procedure.

For all of these applications the goal is similar, impart a large amount of heat into the product in a short span of time and space. Typically the best way to achieve this goal is to use high-density, rapid-response infrared heaters. Web heating and drying applications of this nature normally run at speeds of hundreds of feet per minute, meaning every second of production represents a large quantity of final product. To minimize this effect, Casso-Solar supplies heating systems with near instantaneous warmup times.

Whether the web consists of fabric, plastic, or metal, Casso-Solar has a vast amount of experience in designing and manufacturing equipment for these applications. Explore the links below to see more information on our designs.

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