Leading Manufacturer of Infrared Industrial Ovens, Furnaces, Dryers, and Heaters

Casso-Solar Technologies provides the complete design and fabrication of infrared ovens, furnaces, dryers, heat treatment & processing machinery for industrial manufacturers and OEMs.

Our infrared systems can provide everything you require for your manufacturing processing needs including combinations of infrared & convection ovens, furnaces, conveyor systems, air control, cooling, and controls with customized PLC programming.

Serving Our Customers For Over 60 Years

Maximize Manufacturing Effiency with Customized Machinery

Casso-Solar Technologies individually designs equipment to meet the demands of our customers. Processes are tested in our laboratory to determine feasibility. Customers are encouraged to be involved in all stages of the development process.

Our equipment is customized for each customer, industry and application area in order to maximize the efficiency and productivity in the manufacturing processes for our customers in a multitude of industries. Our in-house laboratory testing ensures that our equipment is designed for your fabrication processes and needs.

Industrial Ovens

Equipment for processes requiring temperatures below 1000F (538C). We can provide oven equipment for any industry or process where infrared heating is effective.

Industrial Furnaces

Equipment for processes requiring temperatures above 1000F (538C). Casso-Solar specializes in furnaces for the glass industry.

Glass Laminating Equipment

Laminated glass fabrication equipment ranging from full-scale production lines with autoclave to small batch production systems. Also includes equipment for processing and handling laminated glass.

Infrared Heaters

Infrared heaters in both the medium and short wavelength range. Heaters have a variety of warm-up times, watt densities, and form factors each suited for a different set of applications.

Industrial Drying Ovens

Equipment for removing water and solvents from products. Water & most solvents readily absorb medium wave infrared energy, making infrared dryers an ideal use of our technology.

Industrial Cooling Systems

Ambient and refrigerated air cooling systems for bringing heated products down to safe handling temperatures.


Providing solutions that meet your needs.

Discover different types of ovens, furnaces, dryers or heaters available based on a multitude of different manufacturing processes.

Glass Bending

Casso Solar provides decades of expertise to its glass bending systems, with extensive experience manufacturing machines used to bend glass for the automotive & aerospace industries, and more.

Glass Lamination

Learn about our extensive expertise as a glass lamination equipment manufacturer for over 50 years. Our services include building full production lines to upgrading current systems.

Powder Coating

Whether your production line needs heat processing equipment to preheat, dry, gel, or cure your manufactured parts, Casso Solar has the expertise to apply the latest infrared heating technology to your production line.

Paint Drying

Infrared heating technology is perfectly suited for drying paints on glass, plastics, and metals. Whether the paint is applied by screen print, digital print, or roll coat, we design & manufacture machines suited for your application.

Featured Industries Served

Casso Solar Technologies utilizes the latest technology, along with skills from over 50 years of experience from our in-house engineering team.

Glass Processing & Glass Production

Learn about the wide range of systems and machines we provide for glass manufacturers. Casso Solar is a leader in providing the newest heat processing technology for multiple industries, including the automotive & aerospace industries.

Paint & Powder Finishing

Casso Solar designs & manufactures industrial ovens & dryers used to cure, bake, and dry powder coated parts. Whether you require convection or infrared heating, or a combination of both, we provide heat treatment equipment suited to your manufacturing process.

Plastics & Film

Heat processing equipment has a wide range of use cases in the manufacturing of plastics, from molding, bending, to drying paints. Learn more how Casso Solar can provide custom designed heat treatment machines using the latest technologies.

Metal Processing

The manufacturing processes of metals require various paints and coatings to be applied as a protective layer from rusting and degradation of the material. At Casso Solar, we design & build machines used to heat treat metals and their coatings and paints, learn more about our extensive offerings.

Textile Processing

Textile manufacturing has multiple processes that require heat treatment of the product, such as drying and heating. In a competitive landscape, the energy efficiency provided by our infrared heating systems, and control features safeguarding products during the manufacturing process make our systems a preferred choice.

Get a Custom Infrared Solution for Your Application

With six decades of infrared technology expertise, Casso-Solar is ready to address your project needs. Reach out to our specialists today.