Paint Drying

Heat Treating Equipment for Paint Drying Processes

Infrared heat is an ideal method for nearly all paint-drying processes. Both solvent and water-based paints are capable of being dried using infrared energy. Whether on metal, glass, plastic, or another substrate, the basic principles remain the same, and Casso-Solar can design and manufacture infrared heating equipment to accomplish the task.  

There are a huge variety of paints and coatings that are utilized across industries. These paints can be applied via spray application, roll coat, screen print, digital print, or even applied by hand. Casso-Solar maintains a laboratory facility in order to test each customer’s particular paint at the appropriate thickness to develop a dryer suited to that customer’s specific application.  

For very thick paint coats, often it is necessary to utilize a combination of both infrared and convection heating. Casso-Solar's vast experience working in this industry has given us the tools needed to understand how to design equipment that is tailored to a specific application, but still with enough flexibility to handle a range of products.  

Below you will find more specific information on equipment built for various paint-drying applications.

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