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Screen Print Dryer

Screen Print Dryer with Cooling System

Casso-Solar Technologies Screen Print Drying Systems lead the industry in processing water base, water miscible, terpinol and pine oil based inks, leaded or lead free. Special attention is given to maximize green strength on low resin content inks, allowing for safe handling. Combination systems of infrared and convection enhance drying capability. Cooling systems are designed to bring glass and ink temperatures to or below ambient for overprinting. Dryers are compact, energy efficient with little maintenance over years of service life. Casso-Solar Technologies works closely with the ink manufacturers and maintains an extensive library on current inks used in the industry.

Dry & Cure Conductive Coatings for Busbar Creation

Casso-Solar Technologies provides drying and curing systems for ceramic and conductive silver coatings used in defogging applications, mainly on automotive glass. The systems are typically provided with an infrared drying/curing section followed by an ambient cooling section. When multiple coats are to be applied to a part, Casso-Solar Technologies will install an additional chilled cooling section to bring the part down to a suitable temperature for the next coat application.

Our infrared curing equipment is equipped with Casso-Solar Technologies DuoTube heaters to dry and cure the coatings. These heaters are additionally supplemented with an electric convection heating system for use with coated glass due to its reflectiveness of infrared wavelengths. This allows for all types of products to be dried and cured in the same equipment.

Photovoltaic Glass Applications

Photovoltaic glass can be full coated with a direct/reverse roll coater, large area semi-automatic screen printer and  dried with an infrared drying/curing system. Ceramic conductive silver inks and low cure silver pastes can be applied as stripes and geometric figures. Glass sizes from standard to jumbo sheets. Specialty coatings can be cured under class 100 conditions.

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