Paint and Powder Finishing

Heat Processing Equipment for the Paint and Powder Finishing Industry

Ovens and thermal processing systems are used in industries such as paint and powder for baking, curing, or drying components, as well as final products. Powder coated parts are often cured in ovens. Casso-Solar designs, manufactures, and customizes infrared heaters and heat processing systems for paint and powder finishing. We utilize the latest technology for our coating drying machines. The quantity and type of coating would depend on the industrial application.


We provide preheat and cure ovens to the paint and powder finishing industry. Our industrial-grade equipment offers a number of useful features:

  • We offer short or medium wavelength preheat and curing ovens and gas catalytic systems for the paint and powder finishing industry. We offer assistance when choosing a product based on our lab test results. Also, this can be in addition to your existing system and we offer the best solution in this regard, based on your requirements.
  • Both infrared and convection heating are combined in these ovens and can be used on a need basis.
  • The processing time for most powders and coatings is less than five minutes.
  • You can use these ovens to dry both water and solvent-based coatings.
  • Our infrared heaters do not require reflectors as they are internally incorporated into the heater. This eliminates the need for maintenance as there are no reflectors to clean.
  • Our equipment can be specially designed to be compatible with continuous coils, shaped products, flat metal, heavy castings, and many others.


Using infrared heat processing machinery for your paint or powder finishing applications offer a lot of benefits. Here are some of them:

  • Short response times, which helps achieve good control and regulation, lowering reject rates
  • No need of physical contact for heating purpose and can be performed with minimal airflow, which is especially useful when doing powder finishing
  • Easily adjusted to the wavelength of the substrate and the coating for maximum efficiency
  • Liquid coatings offer an excellent finish with the help of the right spray coating equipment and nozzles.
  • Our industrial spray coating equipment are extremely reliable when it comes to a smooth-finish application and curing of powder coats.
  • Our advanced coating drying system design helps save on energy as well.

Casso-Solar Technologies is one of the leading providers of high-quality infrared heating equipment and systems, and industrial spray coating equipment manufacturers in the U.S. We offer end-to-end services which include design, fabrication, installation, and maintenance. Over the years, we have served numerous clients from diverse of industries. High-quality machinery coupled with a prompt service has always been the standard at which we operate. Call us on 845.354.2010 to learn more about how we can help you with your coating drying system design for your paint and powder finishing needs.

Continuous Coil Coating

Pretreatment and primer coatings can be easily dried with Casso-Solar Technologies' electric infrared ovens. Required peak metal temperatures are reached on both sides of the metal strip.

Paint and Powder Coating

High Intensity (Short Wavelength), Medium Wavelength and Gas Catalytic Systems. Quartz Infrared Panel and Tubular Heaters with Internal Reflectors.

Preheat and Cure Ovens

Casso-Solar Technologies infrared brings the part to temperature in 1/10th the time of a convection system, allowing for more time at temperature to cure or to increase production.

Flat Belt Conveyor Systems

Flat belt conveyor systems are often used for processing small or flat parts that are only coated on one side.  This allows for a simpler conveying system and the potential for multiple rows of parts running simultaneously.

Chain-On-Edge or Spindle Systems

Casso-Solar Technologies can produce infrared dryers and cooling systems for chain-on-edge and spindle conveyor processes.  Chain-on-edge or spindle conveyors typically hold a small part with a fixture and convey the part down a production line as it is processed.

Overhead Conveyor Systems

Overhead conveyor systems are generally used to convey parts for washing, pre-treatment, paint/powder application and curing. For powder coatings, infrared preheat systems can quickly heat the coating to gel it before it proceeds into a convection oven.

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