Industrial Ovens

Infrared heating equipment for processes temperatures at or below 1000F (538C). Casso-Solar provides equipment for a wide range of industries and applications.

Heat Treatment Ovens used for Industrial Manufacturing Processes and OEMs

Infrared heating systems provide numerous benefits over traditional convection heating systems. By directly heating the product, rather than the surrounding air, infrared heat is more targeted and more efficient. It also allows for zoning within the equipment, giving the ability to create heat profiles or reduce energy usage.

Heat Treat Oven

Oven doors may be heat treated for strengthening, curing tints and decorations, hard coats and more.

Powder Coating Oven

Vacuum Bag Batch Lamination Oven

For small volume and/or highly customized laminated glass production. Casso-Solar Technologies systems are available to run with and without an Autoclave. Production requirements determine which system is best for you. For customers processing coated or low-E products, Casso-Solar Technologies Full Top Convection Systems reclaims the lost production volume over uncoated products.

Thermoforming Oven

Film Stretching Oven

Overhead Conveyor Oven

Glass Lamination Tacking Oven

Available for both flat and curved glass, intended for use in a nip roller lamination line. Continuous preheat and tacking ovens to allow for proper de-airing of windshields and to tack the glass for further processing in the autoclave. Glass temperatures exiting the preheat are 100-120°F and exiting the tacking oven at 170-180°F.

Flat Belt Conveyorized Oven

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Conveyorized Preheating Oven

Fabric Heat-Setting Oven

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