Infrared Industrial Ovens

Infrared heating equipment for processes temperatures at or below 1000F (538C). Casso-Solar provides equipment for a wide range of industries and applications.

Industrial Infrared Ovens for Manufacturing and Heat Processing Applications

Infrared heating systems provide numerous benefits over traditional convection heating systems. By directly heating the product, rather than the surrounding air, infrared heat is more targeted and more efficient. It also allows for zoning within the equipment, giving the ability to create heat profiles or reduce energy usage.

Casso-Solar offers a wide range of ovens that are suitable for a variety of use cases. Our oven designs are customized to fit the specific needs of each customer's manufacturing processes and facility.

Flat Belt Conveyorized Oven

Casso-Solar builds conveyorized belt ovens for a variety of applications with widths ranging from 6" to 130"

Infrared Powder Coating Oven

Casso-Solar supplies ovens to preheat, gel, and/or cure powder coats on continuous processing lines

Infrared Overhead Conveyor Oven

Ovens designed for parts hanging from an overhead conveyor line, commonly seen in powder coating processes

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Conveyorized Preheating Oven

Ovens that can be built around an existing conveyor line to preheat or dry parts in a painting process

Fabric Heat-Setting Oven

Equipment that can be installed on an existing tentor frame line or as a new install to heat-set fabrics

Thermoforming Oven

Infrared Ovens used for preheating plastic sheeting prior to a forming process

Film Stretching Oven

Systems for heating plastic films on a continuous processing line, often conveyed by a tentor frame.

Heat Treat Oven

Oven doors may be heat treated for strengthening, curing tints and decorations, hard coats and more.

Vacuum Bag Batch Glass Lamination Oven

For small volume and/or highly customized laminated glass production. Casso-Solar Technologies systems are available to run with and without an Autoclave. Production requirements determine which system is best for you. For customers processing coated or low-E products, Casso-Solar Technologies Full Top Convection Systems reclaims the lost production volume over uncoated products.

Glass Lamination Tacking Oven

Available for both flat and curved glass, intended for use in a nip roller lamination line. Continuous preheat and tacking ovens to allow for proper de-airing of windshields and to tack the glass for further processing in the autoclave. Glass temperatures exiting the preheat are 100-120°F and exiting the tacking oven at 170-180°F.

Custom Infrared Oven

Don't see what you are looking for? Casso-Solar can build a custom oven to fit your application


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Get a Custom Infrared Solution for Your Application

With six decades of infrared technology expertise, Casso-Solar is ready to address your project needs. Reach out to our specialists today.