Industrial Drying Ovens

These ovens are specifically formulated for drying paints and coatings, with appropriate air handling accommodations to remove solvents and other by-products from the drying process.

Drying Ovens for Both Water and Solvent-Based Drying Manufacturing Processes

Whether dealing with a simple drying process designed to remove moisture from a product, or a volatile solvent-based paint drying application, Casso-Solar has experience designing to meet our customers' requirements. Up to and including equipment for Class 1, Division 1 environments.

Decorative Glass Dryer

Spandrel, Digital Print, Roll Coat and Screen Print Applications. Glass Decorating, for both interior and exterior, is easily accomplished when partnering with Casso-Solar Technologies. Glass sizes from standard to jumbo sheets. Ceramic inks are fired into the glass as part of a tempering or annealing operation. Other inks can be applied to annealed, heat strengthened or tempered glass.

Screen Print Dryer

Screen Printing, Drying & Cooling

Fabric Pre-Dryer

Casso-Solar Technologies Two-Stage Mirror Backing Paint Dryer Machine for 60" Wide Glass.

Mirror-Backing Paint Dryer

Protective paints are applied to the backs of mirrors to protect the reflective surface. Coatings are generally applied with a roll coater and can be efficiently dried with Casso-Solar Technologies Infrared Dryers.

A worker standing in front of a Horizontal dryer with exhaust and exit temperature measurements

Metal Strip Dryer

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Appliance Glass Dryer

Casso-Solar Technologies Ceramic Ink Drying Systems lead the industry in processing water base, water miscible, terpinol and pine oil based inks, leaded or lead free.

Chain-on-Edge (Spindle Systems)

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