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Mirror-Backing Paint Dryer

Mirror-Backing Paint Dryer

Infrared Dryers in Mirror Production Lines

It is common in mirror applications to apply protective paints, that are applied to the backs of mirrors to protect the reflective surface.

These coatings are generally applied with a roll coater and can be efficiently dried with Casso-Solar Technologies Infrared Dryers at line speeds up to 30 FPM and widths up to 120 inches.

Our dryers are effective on both solvent and water-based coatings.

Most mirror-backing paints are designed with medium-wave infrared intended as the method of drying, which makes Casso-Solar Technologies Infrared Dryers the ideal solution for this application.

If you currently have an older mirror-backing paints line and wish to upgrade it with the latest technology, we can design a retrofit package to equip your existing equipment with our medium-wave DuoTube heaters complete with a new recipe based PLC control system, if desired.

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