Boosting Performance with Advanced Control System Upgrades

Incorporating advanced control systems or enhancing existing ones, our Programming team boosts equipment performance, energy efficiency, and adds features like data logging and heater failure detection.

Custom Programming

Improved control over a process can result in significant savings and better energy efficiency. By incorporating a more advanced control system to an existing process or adding additional features to an existing control system, our in-house Programming team can greatly improve equipment performance.

With relatively minor physical changes to a piece of equipment, it could be programmed to turn off or lower power output when product is not present resulting in substantial energy savings. This is especially true when a system consists entirely of infrared heaters due to their ability to rapidly respond and change temperature.

Other useful features are the addition of data logging to help with performance tracking, heater failure detection for more immediate notification that maintenance is required, and communication of alarms to a process-wide monitoring system, among others.

Get a Custom Infrared Solution for Your Application

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