Glass Lamination Machines & Equipment

From full-scale lamination lines to standalone components, Casso-Solar's combination of infrared and convection lamination equipment is the fastest and most flexible on the market.

Laminating Equipment Utilizing a Combination of Infrared and Convection Heating Technologies to Maximize Your Profits

Casso-Solar has spent over 40 years refining our laminated glass equipment designs. Our systems use a combination of both infrared and convection heating technologies to maximize both production rates and capabilities.

By utilizing both technologies we ensure that our customers have the flexibility they need to process all types of products, while ensuring that time per part is kept to a minimum.

Whether you are just entering into the laminated glass market, or are a long-time producer looking to expand your capabilities, Casso-Solar has a solution that fits your needs.

Talk to our Sales team today to learn how we can help your company maximize your laminated glass production.

Nip Roller Lamination Line

Full-Scale Laminated Glass Production Lines for use with and without Autoclave.

SentryGlas Trim Table

Equipment specifically designed to ease post-lamination edge cleanup of parts laminated with SentryGlas

Vacuum Lift Assist for Assembly Room

Overhead Vacuum Lift Assist for Assembling Large Parts

Tilt Unload Conveyor

For unloading large, heavy parts

Vacuum Bag Batch Glass Lamination Oven

For small volume and/or highly customized laminated glass production. Casso-Solar Technologies systems are available to run with and without an Autoclave. Production requirements determine which system is best for you. For customers processing coated or low-E products, Casso-Solar Technologies Full Top Convection Systems reclaims the lost production volume over uncoated products.

Glass Lamination Tacking Oven

Available for both flat and curved glass, intended for use in a nip roller lamination line. Continuous preheat and tacking ovens to allow for proper de-airing of windshields and to tack the glass for further processing in the autoclave. Glass temperatures exiting the preheat are 100-120°F and exiting the tacking oven at 170-180°F.

Get a Custom Infrared Solution for Your Application

With six decades of infrared technology expertise, Casso-Solar is ready to address your project needs. Reach out to our specialists today.