Tilt Unload Conveyor

Conveyor with Multiple Unloading Options for Maximum Flexibility

Every customer is different and Casso-Solar strives to ensure that we offer solutions that work for every facility. Our tilt-unload conveyors provide customers with the ability to directly convey glass from a drying/heating process to a downstream process or alternatively stop parts, automatically position them, and then tilt them up to near vertical for unloading either manually or via overhead handling system.

This type of conveyor can be especially useful for customers running a wide variety of parts on a given line. Smaller parts can be conveyed to the end of the line for manual unloading onto storage racks, while larger parts are tilted up for unloading. This gives customers the flexibility to more easily handle large parts while still being able to rapidly process smaller parts.

The conveyor is equipped with glass presence sensors to automatically detect glass position and move it to the unloading position without operator intervention.

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