Powder Coating

Heat Treatment Equipment for Powder Coating Processes

Powder coating is a process in which a dry powder coating is applied electrostatically to parts (typically metal). There are many areas in a powder coating process where infrared heating can be utilized. Depending on the particular type of powder coat a process might require preheating, drying, gelling, and/or curing. Infrared heating systems can be supplied to handle some or all of these process steps.  

Often customers with existing powder coating lines may have gas-powered convection heating equipment where they desire to increase the throughput. Due to its nature, gas-powered equipment is difficult to modify and upgrade so infrared heating can often be added instead to give the system a needed productivity boost.  

With Casso-Solar designing and building all custom designs, we have the flexibility to work with any customer’s new or existing setup to supply equipment to fill their precise needs.  See below for more information on the equipment Casso-Solar can provide to help with powder coating applications.

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