Metal Processing

Heat Treat Equipment for Metal Manufacturing

Pretreatment and primer coatings can be easily dried with Casso-Solar Technologies' electric infrared ovens. Required peak metal temperatures are reached on both sides of the metal strip. High intensity, short wavelength heaters and/or fast response medium wavelength heaters are zoned for the width of the strip and to provide a ramp/soak dry/cure as may be required by the coating.

Continuous Coil Coating Dryers are primarily used to dry pretreatment and primer coatings on aluminum and steel strips. Casso-Solar Technologies equips our dryers with high intensity short wavelength infrared heaters to quickly and efficiently dry these coatings at line speeds up to 800 feet per minute. The heaters are typically zoned across the width of the strip to allow portions of the oven to be shut off when running narrower product, which can provide significant operating cost savings.

The dryers are also typically zoned in the direction of travel to allow for the creation of specific heating profiles as required by the coating. Systems can be designed for both horizontal and vertical coating lines. Heaters are guarded from impact in case of loss of tension or a break in the strip. Quick access doors are present to provide easy replacement of heaters during maintenance availabilities. Heater cassettes are easily removable for access to the oven interior. Air cooled guards protect the heaters from loss of tension or a break in the strip.

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