About Casso Solar Technologies

Serving our customers with dedicated support and expertise since 1960.

Our story

From Infrared Heater Manufacturers to Custom Machinery Designers

Casso-Solar Technologies was founded over 60 years ago as a simple infrared heater manufacturer. Over the new few years our customer base grew and so did requests for more complex assemblies and machinery. In our desire to accommodate our customers' needs we expanded our engineering staff and continuously added to our catalog of infrared heating equipment designs.

Today we serve a multitude of industries making a range of various products. From glass manufacturers to synthetic fabric producers we are willing to take on just about any project requiring infrared heat.

Our company's philosophy is that every customer has unique needs and therefore every piece of equipment we build should be custom-fitted to those needs. We take great pride in working closely with our customers during each step of the design process to ensure they are receiving a quality machine that suits their application exactly.

Get a Custom Infrared Solution for Your Application

With six decades of infrared technology expertise, Casso-Solar is ready to address your project needs. Reach out to our specialists today.