While Casso-Solar will take on any project where infrared heating is effective, the applications shown here highlight some of the more common uses for our equipment.

Switch to Infrared Heating for Reliability, Efficiency, and Repeatability.

Below are applications that greatly benefit from the implementation of infrared heating. Casso-Solar works with our customers to design equipment that uses infrared to maximize the efficiency, reliability and repeatability of the process. The equipment focuses energy into the product where it is needed, reducing waste and heat loss to the environment.

Glass Bending

Automotive, Architectural, Ballistic, Aerospace, and more. Casso-Solar builds glass bending equipment for both high and low volume production. Our equipment designs are flexible, allowing us to meet any application requirement and any facility footprint.

Glass Lamination

We offer glass lamination equipment from the smallest manufacturers making specialized batches of product (less than 500 square feet per day) to the largest ones running 24/7 operations (up to 30,000 square feet per day). Our combination infrared/convection glass lamination equipment has unparalleled production rates and quality.

Paint Drying

A wide variety of industries require equipment to dry paints and coating on various materials. Whether using a solvent or water-based paint, Casso-Solar can design an appropriate drying system for your needs on a range of material substrates.

Powder Coating

Powder coating is a process in which a dry powder coating is applied electrostatically to parts (typically metal). Many powder coating processes require heat, and infrared can be used to accomplish these requirements. Preheating, drying, gelling and curing systems for powder coat lines are all within Casso-Solar's area of expertise.

Cooling Processes

With many industrial heating processes, there also comes a need to cool products back down to safe handling temperatures post-heating. Depending on the space, time and temperature requirements, Casso-Solar can provide both ambient and refrigerated cooling to achieve the necessary cooling level.

Web Heating and Drying

A common industrial process involves running a web of material at high speed through various stages. During these processes, the web often needs to be heated or dried. For these applications, Casso-Solar supplies equipment with extremely fast warmup times and high energy densities to accomplish the task in the smallest possible amount of space and time.

Get a Custom Infrared Solution for Your Application

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