Industries Served

Infrared heating technology is used across a wide range of industries. Our expertise is broad, and the industries listed below are just the primary ones of the many that we serve.

Industrial Ovens, Dryers, Furnaces & Heat Treatment Systems Custom-Made for a Multitude of Industries.

Over our over 60 years of existence, Casso-Solar has designed and built equipment for a vast array of industries. The main ones that tend to utilize infrared heating solutions are listed below. We are always eager to expand into new territory and to support that we maintain a lab facility in order to test new and unfamiliar applications.

Glass Processing

Our primary industry of expertise. Casso-Solar offers a number of different types of glass processing equipment, from bending furnaces to full-scale laminated glass production lines. We provide equipment suited to both large-scale manufacturers and local glass shops.

Paint and Powder Finishing

Equipment to cover processes ranging from powder coat gelling to paint drying. Whether a process requires preheating prior to coating application or the drying and curing of a coating in a continuous processing line, Casso-Solar has equipment suited to the job.

Textile Processing

The textile industry has a wide range of applications that benefit from the implementation of infrared heating. Drying, heat-setting, and lamination are some of the more common ones for which we have designed equipmet.

Metal Processing

Metals are well suited to being heated with shortwave infrared, making this an industry in which Casso-Solar has focused on specializing. We design and build large number of shortwave infrared dryers for metal coil coating lines every year.

Plastics and Film

Nearly all plastics readily absorb infrared energy in the medium wavelength range, providing a large number of applications that are suited to benefit from infrared heating. Continuous web heating, thermoforming, and lamination are all areas where Casso-Solar's equipment can provide high efficiency production.

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