Plastics and Film

Heat Processing Machines for the Plastics and Film Industry

Plastics and films have a variety of applications in packaging across various industries. These materials play an important role in preserving the shelf life of products and protecting goods during transportation. Heat plays a crucial role in during the processing of many of these materials. It makes plastics moldable and stretchable so that it can be made into its final useful form. Plastic quickly and efficiently absorbs medium wavelength infrared energy, which means that cost and time can often be saved using infrared to heat plastic over other heating methods. Casso-Solar Technologies offers various infrared emitters that can be utilized for thermoforming and film stretching.  By contacting one of our infrared heating specialists we can specify the proper emitter for your application to boost your productivity and lower your costs.

Highlights of Plastic and Film Processing Systems Provided by Casso-Solar Technologies

Casso-Solar Technologies has worked with a number of customers to design specialty infrared heating equipment for this plastic and film processing applications.  Some of the features and benefits we can offer are:

  • Modular construction to allow for the expansion of the equipment in the future should production demand increase..
  • Available in various specifications, our infrared heaters have been lab tested with a number of plastics and films to determine which will perform best in various applications.
  • Acute controllability to target heat in only the areas required, reducing overall energy usage.

Plastic and Film Processing Applications

We regularly design and deliver infrared heater ovens to support the following heating processes:.

  • Thermoforming: The infrared ovens that we provide are suited for one side and two-side heating. These systems are suited for various types of plastic heating and film heating, and can be provided with conveyors, complete enclosures, and PLC recipe driven systems.
  • Film Stretching: We provide tubular and flat panel heaters for film stretching, film coating, drying, and laminating.

Benefits of Using Infrared Heaters in the Plastics and Film Processing Industry

Infrared heating is widely used in the plastic industry due to several benefits that it offers. They are as given below: Infrared heating is a contactless technique. It requires no contact with the material to be heated.

  • It heats up in a matter of seconds, even if the material inside is of uneven shapes, sizes, curves, solids, polymers, and so on.
  • You can target and heat the exact portions required.
  • It is easy to use, safe, and economical.
  • Cooldown time is also fast and can be supplemented with additional cooling if necessary to protect against line stoppages.
  • Infrared emitters can be equipped with automated temperature control mechanisms to better control emitter output based on product temperature.

Being one of the trusted IR emitter and film heater suppliers and manufacturers in the US, we are committed to providing only the highest quality products. Our systems are designed to fulfill all your processing needs. Do you have specific requirements for plastics and film processing infrared heating systems? Please feel free to contact us today.


Electric Infrared is particularly suited for heating sheet plastic prior to forming. For many systems, products that are less that 0.25" in thickness can be successfully raised to forming temperature with heaters on one side only.

Film Stretching

Casso-Solar Technologies can provide flat panel and tubular heaters to heat film for stretching, laminating and coating drying.

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