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Infrared Overhead Conveyor Oven

Infrared Overhead Conveyor Oven

Overhead conveyor systems are generally used to convey parts for washing, pre-treatment, paint/powder application and curing.

For powder coatings, infrared preheat systems can quickly heat the coating to gel it before it proceeds into a convection oven.

For some coatings it is possible to fully cure the coating using infrared only.

Casso-Solar Technologies can produce an infrared oven to accomplish either task and can perform lab tests on your coating to determine the best solution for your process.

Infrared heating can also be added to existing convection ovens to enhance quality and increase production speed.

Our engineers will work closely with your team to design a heating system that can be installed within the existing oven, while our programming team will create a control system to seamlessly integrate into your operator interface.

Whether you are building a brand-new processing line or upgrading existing equipment, give our Sales team a call to learn how we can help.

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