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Glass Lamination Tacking Oven

Glass Lamination Tacking Oven

Laminating of Flat and Curved Glass

Casso-Solar Technologies offers continuous preheat and tacking ovens to allow for proper de-airing of windshields and to tack the glass for further processing in an autoclave. Glass temperatures exiting the preheat are from 100 to 120°F and those exiting the tacking oven are from 170 to 180°F.

Medium wavelength heaters produce energy that penetrates the glass to heat the PVB/glass interface directly rather than relying on conduction through the glass.

The equipment can be designed for either short edge or long edge leading. Pin conveyors, as shown in the photo, are used for bent glass laminating. Ovens are also available for vacuum ring, batch or continuous applications.

Glass Lamination Ovens for the Automotive Sector

Automotive is one of the largest industries we serve when it comes to glass processing. The glass used for windows and windshields of vehicles is often laminated.

This glass can also be tempered prior to lamination to increase strength and consumer safety. In case of breakage, tempered glass will shatter into small pieces which reduces the risk of injury.

Casso-Solar’s lamination equipment is flexible enough to handle all types of glass that a customer processes.

Casso-Solar Technologies is one of the leading providers of automotive glass lamination systems in the U.S.

We offer end-to-end services which include design, fabrication, installation, and maintenance.

Our infrared glass laminating systems are known for excellent temperature control and help automotive manufacturers make flat and curved glass that meet their strict specifications.

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