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Nip Roller Lamination Line

Nip Roller Lamination Line

Autoclave & Non-Autoclave Glass Lamination Equipment

Architectural laminated glass is utilized by architects, interior designers, and art consultants to design walls, windows, partitions, and other architectural features.

With an almost endless amount of colors and patterns, they make a perfect aesthetic addition to the buildings.

So, how are these architectural glass laminates formed? At Casso-Solar Technologies, we offer professional, industrial grade equipment that is cost effective and reliable.

Combination Infrared and Convection Heating

The Nip Roller Lamination Line design offered by Casso-Solar Technologies is a proven equipment design currently being utilized by numerous companies throughout the glass industry.  Our unique combination of infrared and convection heating allows users to benefit from both forms of heating.  The infrared heaters are specified at a wavelength to allow a good portion of the energy to penetrate through the glass to heat the interlayer directly, which allows for faster processing times in comparison with convection only equipment.  Meanwhile, the convection heat ensures that all types of products can be processed, particularly glass with infrared-reflective coatings.  These coatings reflect infrared heat energy so Casso-Solar adds convection heating to compensate when running these types of products.

From Washer to Autoclave

The offered architectural glass lamination equipment consists of an entry washer, temperature controlled lay-up room with PVB unwind stands, overhead glass transfer assists and pop-up caster tables, preheat ovens to bring laminates up to 110-120°F prior to the first de-airing press, oversized roll de-airing press, tacking oven to bring the laminate to 160-180°F, final tacking press, unload conveyor with overhead or tilt unload assist, and an autoclave.

For customers processing coated or low-E products, Casso-Solar Technologies' full top convection system reclaims the lost production volume in comparison to uncoated products.

The glass produced by our machines is considered and graded as “safety glass’’.

Laminate glass is not only used for architectural applications but also in applications requiring sound reduction, protection against forced entry, and impact resistance, among others.

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Equipment Features

  • Combination Infrared and Convection Heating
  • Production Rates up to 30,000 sq. ft. per day
  • Solutia’s SAFLEX® CLT Proprietary Technology Proces
  • Efficient Power Usage
  • Easy Setup and Recipe Changeover
  • Minimum Maintenance
  • Spare parts made in USA

Laminate Materials

  • Glass 2mm - 12mm, Standard and Coated
  • PVB - .030” - .090” – pre-dried
  • EVA - .030” - .090”
  • DuPont SentryGlas
  • Urethane

Types of Glass Manufactured

  • Standard Laminated Window Glass
  • Hurricane Rated Window Glass
  • Photovoltaic
  • Security Glass
  • Appliance Glass
  • Structural Laminated Glass

Glass Lamination Expertise

With over 50 years of experience in the industry, Casso-Solar Technologies contributes to changing glass lamination production methods, utilizing industry leading, innovate and cutting-edge technology.

With considerable time and energy savings, our autoclave and non-autoclave glass lamination equipment are sure to provide higher quality glass laminates at a lower cost per unit, thus offering an opportunity to create more unique designs.

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