Drying Ovens
Custom Infrared Drying Oven

Custom Infrared Drying Oven

There are countless processes across numerous industrieswhere a product or coating on a product requires the removal of water orsolvents prior to completion. Casso-Solar has worked with many customers to develop custom drying solutionsfor their processes.  Our website coverssome of the more common applications that we come across, but our expertise isnot limited to those alone.

Casso-Solar maintains and operates a lab facility where wereceive samples of products from customers and use our vast assortment ofheaters to figure out the most effective drying method.  We then use our findings to design anddevelop a custom drying solution.  

Both water and solvents readily absorb infrared energy,making it a very efficient way to dry materials and coatings.  Our design flexibility and willingness totake on just about any project, no matter how unique, make us an excellentpartner to provide a drying oven for your application.  Contact our Application Sales team to discussyour needs and arrange for lab testing of your product to determine how wecould save you time and money on your production line.  

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