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Decorative Glass Dryer

Decorative Glass Dryer

Glass Decorating, Drying & Cooling

Decoration of both interior and exterior glass is easily accomplished when partnering with Casso-Solar Technologies to incorporate a glass coating system into your facility.

Our glass decorating equipment is commonly used on spandrel glass or fully coated/decorated sheets of glass that are coated by a direct/reverse roll coater, screen printer, digital printer or spray coating system. Ceramic, epoxy, silicone, urethane and enamel inks can be applied to create mosaic patterns, marble effects, stripes, dots, geometric decorations, etch finishes and solid sheet colors. Ceramic inks are fired into the glass as part of a tempering or annealing operation. Other inks can be applied to annealed, heat strengthened or tempered glass.

Casso-Solar Technologies equipment can be designed to work with any or all of these types of coating systems and inks.  All systems come equipped with a PLC control system that can be programmed with numerous recipes for fast and easy changeover between different products.  Our glass decorating equipment can be designed to convey parts directly to the next piece of processing equipment as required.

Glass sizes up to jumbo sheets can be accommodated.

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