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Chain-on-Edge (Spindle Systems)

Chain-on-Edge (Spindle Systems)

Casso-Solar Technologies can produce infrared dryers and cooling systems for chain-on-edge and spindle conveyor processes.

Chain-on-edge or spindle conveyors typically hold a small part with a fixture and convey the part down a production line as it is processed.

These conveyors often spin the part so that it can be evenly coated and cured.

Typical applications include automotive spin on oil filters, color coated light bulbs, cylindrical containers and more.

To ensure drying and curing uniformity, Casso-Solar can provide a system that applies heat from the top, bottom, and sides as needed.

Part exit temperatures are monitored to allow for automatic adjustment of the heater setpoints.

Exhaust systems are provided for the venting of solvents or other drying by-products when required.

Dryers are fully insulated to protect nearby equipment from heat.

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