Architectural Glass Bending Furnace

Architectural Glass Bending Furnace

Large Format Glass Bending

Casso-Solar Technologies offers a variety of glass bending systems: single station, shuttle and serial benders.  These systems can be used for architectural, showcase, furniture cabinet and table glass products.  Systems are sized based upon the parts to be processed, production rates and part complexity. Single station benders provide an economical start and can be expanded to shuttle benders with relative ease.  Serial benders can provide higher production rates and accommodate different parts in the same production run, for a larger initial investment.

The standard system design includes part shuttles and furnace sections with heaters installed above the product.  Many other options are available including bottom heaters, localized heating for tight bend radii, access doors for side loading, and automated movement of the part shuttles.  Additionally, the floors of the part shuttles can be made so that they are adjustable allowing the user to vary the depth of the cart to accommodate different products.  Casso-Solar glass bending systems can accommodate both full surface and ring type molds.

PLC control systems with easy-to-use programmable recipes are provided as part of the standard design.  Controls can be designed around air temperature or part temperature measurements.  Equipment can be supplied with up to (100) zones of control to provide precision heating in specified areas.

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