Aerospace Glass Bending Furnace

Aerospace Glass Bending Furnace

Casso-Solar Technologies’ Aerospace Glass Bending Furnaces are specifically designed to bend aerospace glass with thicknesses up to 75mm.  Our Aerospace Glass Bending Furnaces are designed with heaters positioned both above and below the glass due to the frequent use of full surface ceramic molds and significant bend depths.  The heaters below the glass are primarily used to heat the high mass of the mold and are specified to operate at the ideal wavelength to penetrate through the entire glass thickness, allowing multiple layers to heat and bend evenly.  This combined with precise closed-loop heat control minimizes the creation of process slowing air gaps between the layers of glass.  In addition, glass temperatures are monitored by optical pyrometers to ensure repeatability from cycle-to-cycle.  

Casso-Solar offers multiple different configurations for these bending furnaces with the most commonly purchased option being a single station bender with the ability to load from either one or both sides.  Having the ability to load from both sides rather than just one side allows a customer to setup a second part while the first part is being processed in the bending furnace chamber.  In all configurations the bending chamber has triple-pane insulated high temperature windows built into the walls to allow operators to view the bending cycle while it is in process.

As a standard part of the design, molds are moved by a motorized chain-driven system that precisely locates the parts in the various stations.

Customizable Options

Casso-Solar Aerospace Glass Bending Furnaces can be designed with a number of features to maximize their utility to a given customer.  Some of these available features:

  • Up to (50) zones of control above and below the mold to allow for heat to be concentrated into areas that bend the most while keeping other areas optically perfect.
  • System can be designed to work with both ring and/or full surface molds.
  • Preheat/anneal/cooling sections can be added to either side of the bending furnace chamber to allow a part to start/finish processing while another is undergoing the primary bending phase of the cycle.  
  • The addition of forced and/or radiant cooling systems can further speed up the annealing and cooling process to reduce cycle times.
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