Ballistic Glass Bending Furnace

Ballistic Glass Bending Furnace

Product Overview

Casso-Solar Technologies’ Ballistic Glass Bending Furnaces are specifically designed to bend ballistic glass
with thicknesses up to 100mm. The heaters used in these furnaces are specified to operate at the ideal
wavelength to penetrate through the entire glass thickness, allowing the multiple layers to heat and
bend evenly. This combined with precise closed-loop heat control minimizes the creation of process
slowing air gaps between the layers of glass. In addition, glass temperatures are monitored by optical
pyrometers to ensure repeatability from cycle-to-cycle.

Depending on the required throughput, Casso-Solar offers multiple different configurations for these
bending furnaces with the most commonly purchased options being single station and shuttle benders.

For a smaller up-front capital investment, a customer can purchase a single station bender and easily
upgrade it to a shuttle bender in the future. A single station bender includes a bending furnace and
either 1 or 2 carts.

A shuttle bender adds preheat/anneal stations to either side of the bending furnace,
which increases the system efficiency by minimizing how much time a part needs to remain in the
bending chamber.

Customized Options

Casso-Solar Ballistic Glass Bending Furnaces can be designed with a number of features to maximize
their utility to a given customer. Some of these available features are:

  • Up to (100) zones of control in both X and Y directions to allow for primary and cross-curvature
    bend profiles. For further flexibility zones can be assigned to control groups for nearly unlimited
  • Heaters can be added to the cart walls or floor to provide additional heat directly into the mold.
  • System can be designed to work with both ring and/or full surface molds.
  • Height-adjustable crease heaters can be added for localized heat to help form tight bend radii.
  • Multiple pyrometers can be installed to allow customer to monitor multiple windshields or
    sidelights in a single batch.
  • Insulated covers for carts can be supplied for a single station bending system to allow for
    annealing and cooling to take place after the glass has been removed from the bending furnace.
  • Moveable carts floors that allow the overall volume of the cart to be minimized for parts with
    shallow bends.
  • The addition of forced and/or radiant cooling systems can further speed up the annealing and
    cooling process to reduce cycle times.
  • Standard carts are moved into place manually, but a powered drive system can be installed for
    operator ease.
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