Type FHT Heater


Type FHT Heater - Product Bulletin

The Casso-Solar Technologies’ Infrared Heater Type "FHT" is a self-contained, high temperature furnace heater module, designed for ease of use and installation. The FHT heater maximizes productivity through high energy transfer rates, uniform energy distribution, and accurate process control.

The FHT heater is meant to be used as part of a larger array of FHT heaters to create a furnace-like environment up to 1600°F.  Each module has a total insulation thickness of 6" and an array of modules can be used to create the wall, ceiling, or floor of a furnace without additional insulation. 

Individual modules can be provided with thermocouples or with a sight hole for mounting a pyrometer for temperature control.  Single units can also be designed with multiple zones for when precision control is required. 

Ideal applications for these high temperature furnace heaters include glass bending and firing furnaces.  The self-contained nature of each heater module minimizes costly maintenance as both insulation and heater are easily replaced as a single unit. You can get in touch with our team today for more information on these high temperature furnace heaters.

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Special Features

  • Operating Environment Up To 1600F
  • Energy Watt Densities To 40 Watts Per Square Inch
  • Fully Contained With 6 Inch Insulation
  • Multiple Zone Capability
  • Control Process To +/- 20 F
  • Modular Construction
  • Extended Life

Ease Of Installation

All modules contain the complete oven wall insulation, typically 6 inches thick, providing an oven interior composed of high temperature ceramic refractory board and resistance heating elements. The "FHT" heater modules can be placed 4 to 5 inches away from the product, minimizing convection losses and providing product uniformity of +/- 20 F.

High Performance & Flexible Design

TThe Casso-Solar Technologies’ Infrared Heater Type "FHT" can create operating environments up to 1600 F. Energy watt densities are available to 40 watts per square inch (6.2 watts per square centimeter) or 5.76 KW per square foot). System voltages can be designed from 208 to 600 volts.