Continuous Laminating Lines may consist of an entry washer; temperature controlled lay up room with PVB unwind stands, overhead glass transfer assists and pop-up caster tables; preheat ovens to bring laminate to 110-120°F prior to first de-airing press; oversized roll de-airing press; tacking oven to bring the laminate to 160-180°F; final tacking press and unload conveyor with overhead assist. Full PLC recipe control.

For photovoltaic products, Casso-Solar Technologies Full Top Convection Systems for the highest productivity.

Casso-Solar Technologies systems are available to run with and without an Autoclave depending on the interlayer material. Production requirements determine which system is best for you.

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Continuous Laminating Line with Ovens and Presses

Laminating Press with positioned programmed press pressure, speed and gap