Paint and Powder Coating


Spray Coating Machine for Paint and Powder Coating

Powder Coating Preheat / Gel / Cure Ovens

  • High Intensity (Short Wavelength), Medium Wavelength and Gas Catalytic Systems 

  • Quartz Infrared Panel and Tubular Heaters with Internal Reflectors (No Maintenance)

  • All Wavelengths and All Intensities 

  • Retrofit into Existing Systems 

  • Gel Most Powder Coatings in Under 1 Minute, Cure in 1-3 Minutes 

  • No Aggressive Airflow to Blow Powder Off or Contaminate Parts

  • Precise Process Control for Quality Product & Repeatable Results

  • Works Well with Flat Metal, Continuous Coils, Shaped Products and Heavy Castings

  • Fast, Clean, Quality Finish Preheat and Post heat Booster Systems; use with Existing Convection Ovens. May be inserted into Existing Oven Enclosures.

  • Chain-On-Edge/Spindle, Flat Belt and Overhead Conveyors 

  • Combination Infrared and Convection Systems

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High Intensity, Short Wavelength Infrared Oven to Cure Power Coatings on Structural Steel in under 30 seconds

Spray Coating Machine

Cooling System to Reduce Part Temperature from 450 deg F to Room Temperature through a Novel Combination of Water and Air Cooling. A special powder was formulated to reach this goal