High Intensity Heaters SWL


High Intensity Heaters SWL - Product Bulletin

The SWL Unitube provides energy efficiencies of up to 85%, drastically reducing electrical power consumption over competitive tubular heaters.

Like all Casso Solar Infrared Heaters®, the SWL Unitube can be tuned to match the peak absorbtion point of the material being heated over the usable wavelength range of 0.76-4.0 microns, with emitter temperatures of up to 5000°F.

SWL Unitubes can be arranged to provide temperature profiling, or can be shut down to conserve energy with narrow products or when there is no product in the oven.

Shortwave energy penetrates into most products to provide uniform heating through the product’s thickness.

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Special Features

  • Horizontal or vertical operation
  • Variety end terminals
  • Custom Dispersion Angles
  • Custom wattage and voltages
  • Easy to control
  • Design Flexibility


  • Watt Densities: Up to 200 watts per lineal inch
  • Voltages: Voltage depends on heated length, 240-600 volts.
  • Reflecting Coating: Gold and White Ceramic Reflective Coatings available.
  • Wavelength Emission: 0.76 - 4.0 microns, peak adjustable by emitter temperature.
  • Warmup Time: Less than 1 second


  • Temperature Range: Up to 5000°F(2800°C) filament temperature.
  • Aircooling: Required for many applications. Low density applications may be run without cooling air. Consult our Engineering Department.
  • Life Expectancy: With cooling, 5,000-10,000 hours, depending upon the application.