Pre-Heating/Post-Heating Fabrics


Pre-Heating/Post-Heating Fabrics

Pre-Heating/Post-Heating Fabrics for Laminating, Bonding or Heat Setting

Casso-Solar Technologies Infrared Pre-Heat and Post-Heat Systems can be used to quickly raise the temperature of a fabric for laminating, bonding or heat setting. Infrared Pre-Heat systems can accelerate the production of traditional thermo bonding calendar systems while minimizing floor space used.  Infrared Post-Heat systems can quickly heat-set a fabric after processing. 

A variety of system configurations and options can be supplied to meet all sorts of production needs.  Multiple zones can be supplied across the width of the fabric to compensate for non-uniformities created by other equipment within the process line. Scanning non-contact temperature measuring systems can provide feedback for automatic control.  Equipment can be built to process either vertically or horizontally moving product, allowing for flexibility of installation location.  Casso-Solar Technologies works with both integrators and end users to supply equipment for both new installation and retrofits.  Call our sales staff today for assistance in specifying a system for your process.

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Dryer profile to wrap a calendar or dryer roll