Pre-Dry Fabrics Woven and Non-Woven


Pre-Dry Fabrics Woven and Non-Woven

Pre-Dry Fabrics - Woven, Knitted and Non-Woven

Casso-Solar Technologies Infrared Pre-Drying Systems are being used for standard and hard to handle fabrics such as flocked goods, non-woven synthetics and upholstery materials. Systems combine infrared with sufficient supply and exhaust air to provide overall efficiencies of 70-85%. Energy is safely removed from the product on line stoppage through the use of fast responding quartz heaters or our special "V" series foil heaters and precise control is achieved. Casso-Solar Technologies heaters concentrate their power in the useful wavelength regions where water absorbs best, resulting in the needed increased line speed. Temperature uniformities can be controlled to +/- 2 degrees F across the width of the product. pre dryers can be designed for use on horizontal or vertical tentor frames and between rolls prior to tentoring.

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