Film Stretching


Infrared Heating Film for Film Stretching

Film Stretching / Coating / Laminating

Casso-Solar Technologies can provide flat panel and tubular heater-based systems to heat film for stretching, laminating and coating drying.  Heater panels may installed onto custom-designed contoured frames to heat rotating drums or positioned over tenter frames to promote film stretching.  Casso-Solar Unitube Heaters are positioned over moving webs to dry and cure coatings.  These systems can all be provided with or without airflow, as needed. 

Equipment is provided with multiple control zones across the width and down the length of the machine to create specific heat profiles as required by the process.  A recipe-based PLC control system is provided with intuitive operator interface for reliability and repeatability in the process.  Call Casso-Solar Technologies today to discuss your needs and find out how we can design a custom piece of equipment tailored to your process requirements.

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Heater Panels to Contour Heated Drum Rolls

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