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Refrigerated Cooling System

Refrigerated Cooling System

Product Overview

Casso-Solar Technologies designs and builds Refrigerated Cooling Systems to rapidly cool products following a heated process. Refrigerated cooling systems are best utilized where ambient cooling is either not capable of bringing a part down to the required temperature due to temperature differential or available dwell time.

Another situation where refrigerated cooling is appropriate is when there is a need to avoid putting heat into the plant environment.

Casso-Solar Refrigerated Cooling Systems remove heat through a closed-loop chilled water or refrigerant system to achieve the target air temperature.

Our refrigerated cooling systems utilize custom-designed high efficiency EPDM rubber nozzles to distribute air onto the product from both above and below.

Casso-Solar’s vast experience with cooling systems has allowed us to accurately specify the required amount of airflow and target air temperature to achieve the desired product exit temperature.


One of the primary applications for refrigerated cooling is for processes that require multiple screen print layers, such as automotive backlites. Ensuring that the glass backlites are properly cooled between screen printers is critical to maintaining a stable, consistent printing process and achieving an appropriate green strength. Additionally, preventing hot glass from entering the print room can also help reduce HVAC costs.

In an ideal scenario, a customer’s existing chilled water system can be utilized for a refrigerated cooling system. When not available, Casso-Solar can supply a standalone chilled water or refrigerant based cooling loop.

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