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Ambient Cooling System

Ambient Cooling System

Cooling Using Direct Air Impingement on Product

Product Overview

For basic cooling needs, Casso-Solar has designed a simple direct air impingement cooling system that utilizes the customer's ambient facility air. A blower with filtration on the inlet draws in room air and distributes it through nozzles to the product from above and below as needed. By using the ambient air the system is capable of cooling down products exiting a heating process to a temperature of approximately 30-40 degrees Fahrenheit above ambient temperature without requiring any additional process fluids (chillwater, refrigerant, etc.).

If further cooling is required, products can proceed into a refrigerated cooling section, which Casso-Solar can also provide. By utilizing a combination of both ambient and refrigerated cooling, we can develop the most economical cooling solution that uses the smallest amount of additional resources. Whereas a cooling system that is fully refrigerated will be more efficient and take up less floor space, it will also have a higher operating cost. Using a mix of ambient and refrigerated cooling keeps operating costs (and maintenance requirements) to a minimum while still meeting the target cooling requirements.


Ambient cooling can be used for just about any process where a product needs to reach a safe handling temperature, but does not need to be at or below room temperature. Typical applications are ones where the product exits the cooling section and is then placed on storage racks or prepped for shipping/packaging. This type of cooling system is also best when a customer does not mind having the heat removed from the product being introduced into the plant environment.  Because our ambient cooling systems are open to the facility environment (typically) the heat removed from the product will heat up the surroundings, which can reduce heating costs in the winter. A refrigerated system is necessary when the excess heat needs to be contained.

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