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Custom Infrared Heater

Custom Infrared Heater

Every customer and every application is unique, which is why all of our heaters are custom built-to-order to match our customers’ needs.  While we do offer some “standard” designs for many of our heater types, Casso-Solar can provide a wide variety of customizations to fit your requirements.

For example, for our panel heaters the electrical terminals typically are located on the backside of the case opposite the face of the heater.  But if needed the terminals can be moved to the side of the heater casing in applications where the backside may not be easily accessible.

We have built our heaters with multiple zones, custom mounting arrangements, pyrometer viewports, non-uniform watt densities and more.  If you do not see a customization option listed on our website or literature simply call our Sales team and we can discuss how a heater could be built to meet your needs.  Many of our heater designs are one-of-a-kind and were built to fit an application that otherwise did not have a solution.  

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