SentryGlas™ Trim Table— Uses and Benefits

Derek Burkholder
July 31, 2019
SentryGlas™ Trim Table— Uses and Benefits


Kuraray SentryGlas® is a popular material with frequent use throughout the laminated glass market. Manufactured using the ionoplast polymer technology, this material is more durable and stiffer than most other lamination materials available in the market. As a result, it can also be a difficult material to work with especially post-lamination. This is where the Casso-Solar Technologies SentryGlas™ Trim Table can make a difference. Read the post to learn more about this product.

A Brief Introduction to SentryGlas™

Developed by Kuraray, SentryGlas™ is a interlayer material that is widely used for hurricane glazing applications. This material has a special formulation, which makes it stiffer as well as stronger than other materials in the market. Its strength and rigidity when compared to other interlayers, such as PVB, make it highly desirable in numerous areas where those factors are important.

SentryGlas™ Trim Table – Get to Know a Revolutionary Glass Processing Equipment

Casso-Solar Technologies has collaborated with Kuraray to develop equipment specifically to address excess SentryGlas™ material that is leftover on the edge of assemblies after lamination. This equipment is becoming a must-have for all facilities working with SentryGlas™ and it possesses the following features:

  • The equipment can be used to trim the excess SentryGlas™ material that remains after lamination.
  • Earlier, trimmed pieces were removed from assemblies using hot knives, which made the cleaning process tedious and risky. This equipment is designed such that it reduces the use of hot knives. How? It is equipped with an infrared heater that softens the excess material along the edges of an assembly. The softened material can then be easily trimmed using a sharp razor blade.
  • The system features an easy-to-use single button panel. The button needs to be pushed for starting the heater, which then turns off after automatically after a preset amount of time. This makes the operation easy and user friendly.
  • The SentryGlas™ trim table can be designed to handle large sheets, which may measure up to 120 x120 inches and 2 inches in thickness. Multiple tables can be designed modularly to fit together to handle even larger sheets if needed.
  • The equipment takes 20–30 seconds to process each edge of assemblies at ¼-inch over ¼-inch thickness. This helps to greatly reduce the time it takes to clean an assembly, allowing for increased productivity.
  • The equipment can be manufactured for use in a variety of voltage options.

Like all Casso-Solar Technologies equipment, various customization options are available including clamping systems, operator cut-outs, edge rollers, and tilt load/unload capabilities. For more information about the SentryGlas™ Trim Table or other glass processing equipment, please contact the experts at Casso-Solar Technologies.

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Derek Burkholder
Vice President of Sales & Engineering
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