Guidelines for Maintaining Industrial Drying Systems

Derek Burkholder
May 20, 2019
Guidelines for Maintaining Industrial Drying Systems

Similar to any industrial equipment, industrial drying systems require proper maintenance to ensure continued operation and long life. Generally speaking, electric infrared equipment requires infrequent and minimal maintenance but that makes it no less important than other more common maintenance tasks. Keeping your industrial drying system at its best performance is critical and proper servicing of the equipment is key to minimizing downtime. All too often, maintenance tasks are carried out only once a problem has occurred instead of being done preventatively. While every piece of equipment differs, Casso-Solar Technologies typically recommends a quarterly maintenance period for its equipment.  This post contains a series of good maintenance practices to follow to keep your equipment running like new.

12 Important Maintenance Practices for Industrial Infrared Heating Systems

When you purchase equipment, you are provided with an instruction manual that clearly lists the important maintenance and cleaning instructions.  You should always follow them as closely as possible to keep the system working at its best. A few basic yet crucial routine maintenance practices to follow to enhance the equipment longevity and performance are:

  1. Inspect the temperature sensors regularly and ensure their proper functioning.
  2. Check and clean the conveyor system of the oven thoroughly at regular intervals of time.
  3. Lubricate the fan and conveyor bearings as specified. Over and under lubrication can both lead to problems, which is why it is important to follow lubrication schedules as written.
  4. Check the exhaust systems such as exhaust ducts, exhaust fan blades, and exhaust discharge points regularly and clean them, as they are the parts most vulnerable to debris buildup that can affect their performance.
  5. Lubricate motors and chains as specified.
  6. Ensure that proper clearances are maintained around air intakes and control panels to prevent overheating.
  7. Inspect the heating elements regularly and ensure that there is no buildup accumulating on them from the process.
  8. Inspect heating element electrical connections for tightness.  Loose wiring connections are the most frequent cause for heating element failures.
  9. Inspect all gaskets regularly and replace as needed.
  10. Check that all valves and dampers on ductwork move properly and are in the correct positions.
  11. If your facility is particularly dusty, be sure to keep the equipment closed up when not in use to prevent the accumulation of dust.
  12. Check all air and water piping for leaks.

Following these basic maintenance procedures can greatly improve your infrared heating system’s shelf life and performance. Although Casso-Solar Technologies designs its equipment as robustly as possible to withstand typical operating conditions, they are also not free from failures or malfunctions if proper maintenance is neglected. With a good periodic maintenance program, the majority of problems can be resolved before they even occur.

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Written by:
Derek Burkholder
Vice President of Sales & Engineering
Derek Burkholder holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University and is Vice President of Engineering & Sales at Casso Solar. Previously holding the title of Engineering Manager, Derek draws upon over a decade of industry knowledge to write extensively about the construction & application of heating systems such as industrial ovens, dryers, furnaces, and infrared heaters for industrial manufacturing processes.