Benefits of Using Infrared Industrial Heat Processing Systems

Derek Burkholder
February 21, 2019
Benefits of Using Infrared Industrial Heat Processing Systems


Industrial ovens play a significant role in executing pre-drying, drying, curing, and preheating tasks across numerous industries. Every industry is unique, which urges industrial oven manufacturers to produce equipment in varied forms and types. Infrared ovens provide several benefits in what they offer as compared to other types of heat processing equipment. Let us get to know a few of the several benefits of infrared heaters in this post.

Why use an Infrared Heat Processing Systems for Your Process?

The major benefit behind infrared (IR) heating is that IR heaters in the ovens enable the transfer of heat energy directly to the part rather than into the air through radiative heat transfer. As a result, IR ovens typically perform tasks faster than an equivalent convection oven. Several other benefits of infrared heating include:

  • Minimal heat loss to the environment, which leads to high efficiency because the majority of heat generated goes into the product.
  • Limited hot air generated that requires removal from the system
  • Environment-friendly and energy-efficient way of heating
  • Heaters can be specified to heat the surface of a product or to penetrate and heat throughout as needed by varying their optimal output wavelength
  • Relatively quiet operation due to not needing large amounts of air movement
  • Clean heat source that does not release any pollutant emissions
  • Heating circuit requires minimum maintenance as there are no moving parts
  • Operate with no open flame
  • Heating is typically more uniform as energy can be directed to exact locations
  • Higher level of control as heat can be easily zoned

For many processes these benefits will allow for faster processing times, lower maintenance costs and a better bottom line. Additionally, if your budget does not allow for an entirely new processing line in many cases it is possible to add IR heaters to an existing furnace to supplement its capabilities. Casso-Solar Technologies is a leading infrared oven manufacturer who provides custom industrial ovens and furnaces fitted with Type FB Heaters, Type C+ Heaters, Type FHT Heaters, Type V-Series Heaters, Unitube Heaters, Gold Unitube, Tube Heaters, High Intensity Heaters SWL, DuoTube Heaters, and Gas Catalytic Infrared Heaters, each of which has its own individual benefits and optimized applications. The experts at Casso-Solar Technologies will work with clients to design an infrared heat processing system to fit your needs. Give us a call at (845) 354-2010 to discuss your application today.

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Written by:
Derek Burkholder
Vice President of Sales & Engineering
Derek Burkholder holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University and is Vice President of Engineering & Sales at Casso Solar. Previously holding the title of Engineering Manager, Derek draws upon over a decade of industry knowledge to write extensively about the construction & application of heating systems such as industrial ovens, dryers, furnaces, and infrared heaters for industrial manufacturing processes.