Nip Roller Lamination System


Architectural laminated glass is utilized by architects, interior designers, and art consultants to design walls, windows, partitions, and other architectural features. With an almost endless amount of colors and patterns, they make a perfect aesthetic addition to the buildings. So, how are these architectural glass laminates formed? At Casso-Solar Technologies, we offer a perfect glass lamination equipment that stands out as both cost effective and reputable.

What Do We Offer

At Casso Solar Technology, we offer full convection autoclave and non-autoclave glass lamination equipment that can work with flat coated glass and decorative interlayer materials. The offered architectural glass lamination equipment consists of an entry washer, temperature controlled lay -up room with PVB unwind stands, overhead glass transfer assists and pop-up caster tables, preheat ovens to bring laminate to 110-120°F prior to first de-airing press, oversized roll de-airing press, stacking oven to bring the laminate to 160-180°F, final tacking press and unload conveyor with overhead assist.

Autoclave Glass Lamination Equipment features:

  • Solutia’s SAFLEX® CLT Proprietary Technology Process

  • USA spare parts

  • Lowest power usage

  • Minimum Maintenance

  • Laminate materials: Glass - 2mm - 12mm, Standard and Coated, PVB - .030” - .090” – predried, EVA - .030” - .090”, DuPont SentryGlas,  Urethane

Non-Autoclave Glass Lamination Equipment features:

  • Easy loading and unloading

  • Product ready to pack at unload

  • Run different products in each load

  • Works with coated glass & decorative interlayer materials

  • Run a single batch or continuous production

  • Minimum floor space requirement

  • Lowest power usage, highest yield

  • Laminated materials: Glass - 2mm-19mm, Standard and Coated, PVB - .015" - .150", Rigid Materials such as DuPont’s Sentry Glass, Polycarbonate, Urethane, EVA, Clear Films and Decorative Films

For customers’ processing coated or low-E products, Casso-Solar Technologies full top convection Systems reclaim the lost production volume over uncoated products.

Applications of Flat Glass Lamination Equipment Offered at Casso Solar Technology
Considered as a “safety glass’’, laminate glass not only used for the architectural applications but also in applications requiring sound reduction, protection against forced entry, and impact resistance, among others. Our glass lamination equipment are being largely utilized in the production of:

  • Standard Laminated Window Glass

  • Hurricane Rated Window Glass

  • Photovoltaic

  • Security Glass

  • Appliance Glass

  • Structural Laminated Glass

With over 50 years of experience in the industry, Casso-Solar Technologies contributes to changing glass lamination tactics in ways as never seen before. With considerable time and energy savings, our autoclave and non-autoclave glass lamination equipment are sure to provide higher quality glass laminates at a lower cost per piece, thus offering an opportunity to create more unique designs. Please call us at 845.354.2010 to learn more about Architectural Glass Lamination Equipment we own at Casso-Solar Technologies.

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Continuous Laminating Line with Ovens and Presses for use with an autoclave

Nip Roller Lamination System

Batch Laminating Machines, No Autoclave, produces up to 1500 square foot per day. Highest quality.

Non-Autoclave Glass Lamination Equipment

Conveyorized Non-Auto-Clave Laminating machine will produce a load for laminated glass every 60-90 minutes

Nip Roller Lamination Sysem

Overhead Vacuum Lift Assembly System for Large Sheets - Semi or Fully Automatic