Specialty Applications


Specialty Applications

Specialty Applications - Rolling Hearth Furnaces - Fire Ceramic Ink/Anneal

Often an application requires multiple heat treatment processes in series. Rather than have each process take place on a separate piece of equipment, Casso-Solar can provide a single system to accomplish all tasks. Dryers can be combined with rolling hearth furnaces to both dry and then fire decorative or conductive coatings into the glass. The glass can then be further annealed or partially heat strengthened, for further processing. Lastly, the glass is cooled down to a safe handling temperature.

Furnace conveyors typically consist of fused silica rolls with a lift-out edge drive design for easy maintenance. Cooling is accomplished radiantly upon first exiting the furnace to avoid breaking the glass and then with forced air once the glass has reached a safe temperature. Systems can be designed to process product continuously or in batches.

Contact us today to discuss the needs of your specialty application and we will design a custom piece of equipment to accommodate your process.

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