FiberGas II High Intensity Metal Matrix Gas Infrared

The Casso-Solar Technologies Fibergas-IITM heater is manufactured to be resistant to mechanical and thermal shocks. Please contact our experienced sales engineers to confirm the correct application of the Fibergas-IITM heater.

Fibergas-IITM panels incorporate a unique edge which allows radiant output to the full perimeter of the radiant surface. The design does not require any additional cooling source or special cooling channels to keep edges from degradation. This simplifies system design, reduces hardware requirements and maintenance.

Excellent for drying of paper, drying coatings and pretreatments on continuous coil and other high energy applications.

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Special Features

  • High Efficiency
  • Higher Face Temperature
  • Highest Radiant Output
  • Multiposition
  • Design Flexibility
  • Easy to control


  • Matching the burner output
  • Quality through control
  • Superior turn down ratios
  • Special edge seal design
  • Heavy duty construction

Industry Applications

  • Glass laminating, bending, Annealing
  • Food Industry
  • Plastic drying, thermoforming
  • Finishing, drying, curing