Continuous Coil Coating

Continuous Coil Coating

Pretreatment and primer coatings can be easily dried with Casso-Solar Technologies' electric infrared ovens. Required peak metal temperatures are reached on both sides of the metal strip. High intensity, short wavelength heaters and/or fast response medium wavelength heaters are zoned for the width of the strip and to provide a ramp/soak dry/cure as may be required by the coating.

Heater cassettes are easily removable for access to the oven interior. Air cooled guards protect the heaters from loss of tension or a break in the strip.

  • High Intensity (Short Wavelength) with HIH Directional Heaters

  • New Systems

  • Retrofit into Existing Systems 

  • Chrome and Chrome-Free Coatings

  • Zinc Based Primers

  • Horizontal and Vertical Systems

  • Precise Process Control for Quality Product & Repeatable Result

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Horizontal dryer with exhaust and exit temperature measurement

Vertical dryer shown on side for shipment. Access doors for maintenance on the rear.

Heaters shown at operating temperature with air cooled guards