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USGlass Readers’ Choice Award 2020
Posted in Lamination Systems

Casso-Solar Technologies wins USGlass Readers’ Choice Award 2020

Casso-Solar Technologies has won the 2020 USGlass Readers’ Choice Award in the Machinery, Lamination Equipment Category. The winners of the USGlass Readers’ Choice Award are…

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Merry Christmas 2020
Posted in Uncategorized

Casso-Solar Technologies Sends Warm Wishes to You- Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The New Year is a few weeks away and Christmas is even nearer, the Holiday Season is on! Although 2020 has been filled with lots…

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Infrared Drying and Curing Systems
Posted in Glass Processing Equipment Infrared Heat Processing

Comparison of Convection and IR Drying and Curing Systems

Manufacturers across the globe utilize a number of different types of heating to accomplish drying and curing tasks, but the two most common types are…

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Industrial Infrared Heaters
Posted in Infrared Heaters

Know the Industrial Applications and Benefits of Infrared Heaters

There are numerous industrial processes that use heating, and many of those applications are well-suited to using infrared.  These range from simply drying process to…

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Quartz Infrared Heaters
Posted in Infrared Heaters

Quartz in Infrared Heater Design: Why Is It Used and How Does It Work?

Historically, many infrared heaters utilized ceramic within them as a material that is resistant to high temperatures.  Nowadays, many infrared heater designs use quartz instead…

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GlassCon Global VE- Glass Expo VE (GCG2020 VE).
Posted in GlassCon Global VE- Glass Expo VE

Casso-Solar Technologies All Set to Attend GCG2020 VE

Coronavirus epidemic has restricted human movements across the globe, and as a result several annual industry tradeshows and events stand cancelled. Restriction of movements doesn’t…

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Catalytic Infrared Paint Curing System
Posted in Infrared Heaters

Catalytic Infrared Paint Curing System Discussed

Catalytic infrared (IR) paint drying/curing systems are used in several industries for drying coatings that have high solvent loads. The catalytic IR curing systems are…

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Posted in Infrared Heaters

Gas Catalytic Infrared Heaters: Why They Are Used for Solvent Curing?

Gas-Fired drying systems have been used for years across numerous industries due to the relatively inexpensive cost of heating in this manner.  However, when it…

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Infrared Industrial Furnaces
Posted in Furnace

Things You Need to Know About Infrared Industrial Furnaces

Furnaces are typically enclosed, insulated structures used in manufacturing processes that require a high level of heat. There are a wide variety of applications across…

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Industrial Infrared Oven
Posted in Infrared Ovens

Why is a Custom Industrial Infrared Oven by Casso-Solar Technologies Best for Your Business?

Heating is an essential part of many industrial processes and was historically accomplished using convection heating equipment. Many companies have realized the advantages that an…

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