Infrared Bending Furnace

Bending - Car, Bus, Truck & Train

Casso-Solar Technologies Automotive Windshield Glass Bending Systems are designed for automotive O.E.M. and aftermarket bus, truck, aircraft, train and recreational vehicles. Available system configurations include: Single Station, Shuttle and Multi-Station Serial Glass Bending Furnaces. Production rates of 5-60 units per hour for glass sizes up to 72" x 120", as well as doublets and multi-layer bullet proof glass up to 2" thick. Casso-Solar Technologies provides Multi-Zone Graphical Touchscreen User Interface Control to allow processing of complex shapes with localized programmable 3-Axis Crease Heaters that follow the glass as it bends in the tight radius areas. Menu storage allows for easy recipe recall and the ability to process different parts within the same system allowing for short production run mixes.  Relatively simple design means low maintenance costs, maximizing uptime and profits.

All Casso-Solar Technologies Infrared Glass Bending Furnaces are custom-made and tailored to the customer’s specific application.  Our Serial Glass Bending Furnaces are also modular to allow for expansion in the future to grow along with your business.  With our team’s extensive experience building infrared process heating equipment for the glass industry, we work with our customers to provide turn-key solutions that have the flexibility to adapt to an ever-changing market. 

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