Type FB Heater

The Casso-SolarTechnologies’ Infrared Heater Type “FB”, is a woven quartz cloth surface, finished with a black ceramic coating for high emissivity. The quartz face has the properties of being transparent to the infrared energy generated within the module, over the usable wavelengths of 2.5-6.0 microns.

This corresponds to emitter temperatures of up to 1600°F (880°C) and 25 watts per square inch (3.9 watts per square centimeter).

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Special Features

  • Operating Environment Up To 1600F
  • Energy Watt Densities To 25 WSI
  • High Efficiency
  • Multiple Zone Capability
  • Modular Construction
  • Flexible Design
  • Extended Life

Standard Size Heaters

The “FB” heater is available in all the standard sizes plus 12" x 72". Heaters are 3” deep, plus mounting studs. Additional standard wattages include 5, 10 and 20 watts per square inch; additional voltages include 575/600 volts. Heaters are not normally kept in stock.

Special Size Heaters

The “FB” heater can be custom designed in size, wattage, voltage and mounting configuration to system specifications. These Maximum watt density is 25 watts per square inch, maximum voltage is 600 volts. Please contact our sales department with regard to custom applications.