Preheat and Cure Ovens

Preheat & Cure Ovens

Convection curing systems utilize about 50% of the oven length to raise the part to temperature leaving little time to complete a cure. Casso-Solar Technologies infrared brings the part to temperature in 1/10th the time of a convection system, allowing for more time at temperature to cure or to increase production.

Since infrared does not require air to transfer the energy to the product, different colored powder coated parts can be run, one after another, without cross contamination. Powder is gelled before reaching the convection portion of the system.

Liquid - both water and solvent based plus powder, can be safely processed. Combination air and infrared prevents solvent popping and other defects Systems can be inserted into entry vestibules to save on floor space.

  • High Intensity (Short Wavelength), Medium Wavelength and Gas Catalytic Systems 

  • Quartz Infrared Panel and Tubular Heaters with Internal Reflectors (No Maintenance)

  • All Wavelengths and All Intensities 

  • Retrofit into Existing Systems 

  • Gel Most Powder Coatings in Under 1 Minute, Cure in 1-3 Minutes 

  • Dries solvent and water base coatings safely

  • No Aggressive Airflow to Blow Powder Off or Contaminate Parts

  • Precise Process Control for Quality Product & Repeatable Results

  • Works Well with Flat Metal, Continuous Coils, Shaped Products and Heavy Castings

  • Fast, Clean, Quality Finish Preheat and Post heat Booster Systems; use with Existing Convection Ovens. May be inserted into Existing Oven Enclosures.

  • Chain-On-Edge/Spindle, Flat Belt and Overhead Conveyors 

  • Combination Infrared and Convection Systems

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Medium Wavelength Preheat oven sections to be placed in front of existing convection dryers

For solvent applications, plenums introduce clean air into the system between columns of heaters, maintaining a safe dilution of the evaporated solvent. Solvent laden air is exhausted from the top of the chamber